The Average Salary of a Vice President of Customer Engagement

by Dana Severson

Vice presidents of customer engagement are marketing professionals responsible for improving a consumer’s relationship with a product, brand or company. Like any VP of marketing, they develop and oversee marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, market share and overall profitability. But instead of using “standard” marketing channels, VPs of customer engagement often rely on social media outlets to form more meaningful relationships with consumers. These outlets can include anything from mobile apps to company websites to popular social channels, such as Facebook and Twitter.

National Pay Scale

A survey by the Creative Group, a national recruiter for marketing professionals, found that vice presidents of marketing often earn six-figure salaries. As of 2013, those working for marketing or advertising agencies brought home anywhere from $117,000 to $176,000 a year. If at a corporation, salaries ranged from $112,000 to $200,000 annually. But both figures account for all VPs in the industry, regardless of department. The jobs site Indeed found that those working specifically on consumer engagement earned closer to $122,000 a year.

Earnings Vary by Location

As with any occupation, earnings vary by location. Of the states, VPs of consumer engagement in New York earned some of the highest wages, at an average of $147,000 a year. Those working in Massachusetts also fared better than most, averaging $143,000 a year. VPs of consumer engagement in California averaged $132,000 a year, while those in New Jersey earned $131,000. One of the lower salaries for this profession was in South Dakota, where the average was $91,000 a year -- 26 percent less than the national average.

Factors Contributing to Six Figures

The six-figure salaries are at least partly the result of schooling. Employers typically seek candidates with a Master of Business Administration for top executive positions. For VPs of marketing, the prerequisites may instead include an MS in marketing or advertising or an MBA with an emphasis in marketing or advertising. Also contributing to the high salaries is experience, as many VPs enter the field with years of managerial experience, as well as marketing know-how.

Career Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment for vice presidents and other top executives to grow by just 5 percent from 2010 to 2020. This is much slower than the national average for all U.S. occupations -- a projected growth of 14 percent. However, marketing managers should experience a job growth of 14 percent during this same period of time. And with more companies relying on social channels to improve customer engagement, VPs of marketing could see a growth similar to that of marketing managers.

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