The Average Salary of Supply Chain Managers

by Eric Strauss

Supply chain managers are in charge of a company's logistics. They supervise the process of getting goods from the production floor to the distribution point. By using a mix of transportation and storage, they ensure that the right amount of items is at the right point in the supply chain at all times. This might mean scheduling shipments, tracking inventory or even influencing production times. Salaries vary according to experience and specialty.

Average Salary

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 98,600 transportation, storage and distribution managers earned an average annual salary of $88,920 as of May 2012. The best-paid 10 percent earned $138,640 or more, while the lowest-paid 10 percent earned $48,050 or less. However, those figures cover a wide range of jobs. Surveys from other sources show higher average salaries for logistics and supply chain management. According to Logistics Management magazine's annual salary survey, the average pay for this category was $113,450 a year in 2013, including bonuses and commissions. That was up 14 percent from $99,600 in 2012 and 5 percent better than the average $107,800 in 2011. Logistics Management reported 1,262 managers took part in the survey in 2013 vs. 801 in 2012.

Salary by Specialty

The average salary for those who classified themselves specifically as supply chain managers was $126,035 a year, according to Logistics Management. Those who classified themselves as logistics managers averaged $112,410. Those who specialized in only one element of logistics or supply chain management, such as transportation or warehousing, averaged less than $100,000 per year -- $92,860 and $86,560, respectively.

Salary by Title

Job titles make a difference in average salaries, according to Logistics Management. Those in the supply chain field classified as managers or directors averaged $114,935 a year, while those in the logistics field classified as managers or directors averaged $94,145. In contrast, managers classified as vice presidents had the highest average salary, at $177,525. At the opposite end of the spectrum, those classified as coordinators averaged $59,315.

Other Factors

Experience also makes a difference in how much supply chain managers earn. According to the Logistics Management survey, the highest average salaries were earned by logistics and supply chain managers with six or more years on the job. According to the survey, the average salary by age peaked at around $115,000 a year for those age 45 to 64. Location also affects the average salary in the survey. Logistics managers in Southern states that did not border on the Atlantic Ocean -- from Alabama in the east to Texas in the west -- had the highest average, at $127,750 a year. Those in Southern states that did border the Atlantic -- from Florida to North Carolina -- had the lowest average at $94,150. Those in the Far West ranked second at an average of $116,725 a year.

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