The Average Compensation for an OB/GYN

by Beth Greenwood

An OB-GYN -- the formal title for these physicians is obstetrician-gynecologist -- provides medical and surgical reproductive health care to women of all ages. These doctors spend many years in the educational process and have considerable responsibility, for which they are well-compensated. In addition to salary, an OB-GYN’s total compensation may include bonuses, incentives or other monetary benefits, although those are not typically reported in salary surveys.

Average Salaries

Data on the average annual salary of an OB-GYN varies according to the source. Nationwide physician recruiting firm Cejka Search reports a median annual salary of $303,350. Profiles Database, a job search resource for newly graduated physicians, reports the average starting salary for OB-GYNs in 2011-2012 was $200,000, rising to $279,750 after six years of practice. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is considered the definitive source for salary and employment data for most occupations, reports OB-GYNs earned $216,760 in 2012.

Industry and Work Setting

OB-GYN salaries vary according to the industry or work setting. OB-GYNS who worked in colleges, universities and professional schools had the lowest earnings in 2012, with an average annual salary of $113,440, according to the BLS. When employed by general medical and surgical hospitals, OB-GYNs earned $199,140. Although only a few OB-GYNS worked in local government in 2012, those who did earned $206,740. Outpatient care centers employed only 900 OB-GYNs in 2012, but the physicians earned $214,830. OB-GYNS in private practice, which was the work setting for the majority of these doctors, earned $223,070.

The State of the States

An OB-GYN’s salary varies depending on the state in which she practices, according to the BLS. New Mexico, Utah and New York were the lowest-paying states in 2012. OB-GYNS in New Mexico -- the lowest-paying state -- earned $189,230, while Utah OB-GYNS earned $190,500 and New York OB-GYNs earned $194,130. Salaries in the top-paying states were considerably higher. Montana OB-GYNs earned $246,010, South Dakota OB-GYNs earned $247,240, and Pennsylvania OB-GYNs earned $247,880. In Oklahoma, the last of the top-paying states with available data, OB-GYNS earned $249,960.

City Life or Country Life

Even within a state, an OB-GYN’s salary can be affected by whether she chooses to practice in a metropolitan or rural area. In Ohio, for example, OB-GYNs in metropolitan Canton-Massillon earned $207,750, while those in west-northwestern Ohio, a more rural area, earned $214,700. Salaries also varied by state for metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas. OB-GYNs in Jonesboro, Arkansas, earned $198,470, while those in Medford, Oregon, earned $235,420. Two of the top-paying nonmetropolitan areas were southern Indiana, with an average annual salary of $240,690, and southwest Maine, at $248,480.

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