Auto Porter Job Description

by Tony Guerra
Auto porter duties include washing dealer inventory and customers' cars.

Auto porter duties include washing dealer inventory and customers' cars.

There's far more to a typical auto dealership than just the cars being sold by showroom salespeople and staff. In truth, large auto dealerships selling new and used cars generally have several departments in addition to new car sales. Many of them have service departments, for example, as well as body shops and large lots stocked with many vehicles. One group consists of car porters, employees who are tasked with a variety of vehicle handling responsibilities.

Auto Dealership Porters

Many auto dealerships segment tasks and responsibilities to a high degree, especially if they maintain large new and used car lots. For instance, at auto dealerships it usually doesn't make sense to pull sales or service department staff away from work to rotate vehicle inventories. Also, mechanics at an auto dealership need to focus on repairing customers' vehicles, not on locating them and then parking them in repair bays. Typical auto dealer lot porters handle a wide variety of tasks. including washing customers' cars.

Auto Dealer Porter Responsibilities

Auto dealer porters are generally responsible for the movement of dealer inventory and customer vehicles. Porters at auto dealers may move vehicles from dealer service drives to repair bays. Also, most auto dealer porters work with the dealer's detailing department to prepare vehicles that are traded in or received from auto manufacturers. Auto dealer porters are also responsible for providing clean cars to customers after the cars have been sold or serviced, including fueling them if their dealer employers offer such amenities.

Auto Dealer Porter Duties

Generally, an auto dealer's porters either work for one particular department or they're assigned by a single manager. Auto porters must be ready to move any vehicle upon assignment and should be able to drive manual as well as automatic transmission vehicles. Many franchise auto dealers also trade new car inventory between dealerships. An auto porter might have to drive an inventory vehicle to another dealer and bring one back in return, as well as act as a general purpose shuttle driver.

Auto Porter Salaries

Auto porters usually must have at least a high school diploma, and dealers may increase porter compensation accordingly with increased experience. The Career Bliss website states that auto porter salaries can be as high as $30,000 annually. Kelly Services temporary employment agency pays porters $16,000 annually, however, while a typical Chevy dealership pays its porters about $22,000 on average. Porters at Toyota dealerships can earn around $30,000 and Jaguar porters about $23,400. Porters at auto dealerships generally work for very long hours.

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