How to Authenticate Employment

by Clayton Browne

Because employers want to hire only people with stable job histories, candidates are typically required to list previous jobs and employers as part of the application process. In the past, human resources staff made several phone calls to confirm the employment history of every applicant, and the process was cumbersome, labor-intensive and time-consuming. Modern technology offers 21st-century businesses the opportunity to easily verify employment history using online databases.

Investigate online employment-verification services and choose one that offers the service you want at a fair price. For example, the Work Number uses Equifax Verification Service's constantly updated database of more than 2,500 employers to verify employment details. If the applicant's employer is not listed in the database, Equifax specialists will contact the employer by phone to get the required information.

Set up an account with the online employment-verification service that you have chosen. Rates for verification services vary based on your industry, the information required and the number of employment verifications you need.

Enter the applicant's information into the service's employment-verification form. If the applicant is or has been employed at one of the more than 2,500 employers in the database, you will receive a printable report specifying details -- including active or inactive status -- within seconds. If the applicant does not appear in the database, you will be prompted to request a researched verification. A verification specialist will contact you with further details.


  • If you are a small business with no budget for online employment verification, contact the human resources department of an applicant's current or past employer to verify employment details.

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