Assistant Director of Public Relations Job Duties

by Alison Green

Although the duties of an assistant director of public relations vary with organizations, he generally helps design internal and external communication strategies, maintain positive media relations, develop content and respond to public complaints. To qualify for this position, you need to earn at least a bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism or public relations.

Coordinating Meetings

An assistant director of public relations plans and coordinates certain aspects of professional events and meetings on behalf of senior managers. For example, when a firm’s top executives want to attend a conference in a foreign country, the assistant director of public relations may liaise with tour providers to make travel and accommodation arrangements. If the firm's holding an event like a product exhibition, this assistant may invite customers, stakeholders and journalists.

Researching Trends

Research in public relations helps organizations gather key information on industry trends, PR policies and client needs. An assistant director of public relations working in a media firm, for instance, may conduct a market investigation to analyze the behavior, preferences and lifestyle of its audience to help the firm redesign communications in a way that readers appreciate. He also may identify a company's potential crises and research appropriate remedies.

Editing Publications

The quality of press releases an organization sends to the media contributes to its public image. A low-quality press release with disorganized, unfocused writing can lead customers to question a firm’s credibility. An assistant director of public relations edits all publications -- print and electronic – to ensure adherence to professional editorial standards. When necessary, a director of public relations and his assistant may coordinate shooting of documentary videos to inform the public about the firm’s products, services and achievements.

Handling Complaints

Although customer or public complaints offer organizations platforms to resolve problems and gather ideas for improving service delivery, they can ruin a firm’s reputation if mismanaged. An assist director of public relations develops strategies to ensure quick and professional response to all complaints and requests for information. He can, for instance, collaborate with information technology specialists to develop a Web-based complaint resolution system for customers to file claims and access solutions in real time.

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