How to Apply for a Job with the United States Post Office

by Angela M. Wheeland

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers employees a wide variety of federal benefits, including health insurance, retirement and life insurance, along with competitive pay rates and vacation pay. If you're interested in working for the USPS, you not only have to meet age, residency, background and physical requirements, but you also have to pass a test, which ensures you'll be a good fit for the USPS.

Meet the initial set of qualifications required for all positions throughout the USPS. To qualify for a position, you must be at least 18 years old or 16 and have a high school diploma. You must also be a U.S. citizen or resident alien and understand basic English. You must pass a drug test, medical screening and criminal background check. If you want to be a carrier or any other driver for the USPS, you also have to hold a valid driver's license and have a safe driving record.

Verify that there are positions open in your area. The USPS website displays all open positions throughout the U.S., including administration, sales, shipping, transportation and maintenance.

Select an open position to see the job details. The website lists the hourly rate or salary amount, work schedule, duties and responsibilities, job requirements and application deadlines.

Click the "Apply" button in the top left corner of the specific job opening once you find a job you're interested in. If you don't have an account through the USPS website, you'll have to create one before applying for the job.

Take Test 473, which is the orientation test for entry-level positions at the USPS. Once you apply for an entry-level position, the USPS website will create an appointment for you to take the test automatically. The test measures your aptitude, knowledge of facts and characteristics. To pass the test and gain employment through the USPS, you must have a score of at least 70. Your score will affect the order in which you are hired and position within the postal service.


  • About one week before your appointment, the USPS will send you a package that contains information about Test 473.

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