How to Answer "Tell Me About Yourself" in a Pharmacy Interview

by Kristine Tucker

Hiring managers often ask pharmacists and pharmacy technicians about background information, interests and goals during job interviews. You must construct good answers to the "tell me about yourself" interview question so you can convince employers of your strong pharmaceutical skills and qualifications in the industry. Focus on work-related content, and steer clear of personal information that isn't directly related to your interest in pharmacy jobs.

Simple Answers

Job interviewers often start with the question, "Tell me a little about yourself" so they can ease into the interview by getting a broad overview of your professional goals and interests. Keep your answer to around a minute so the hiring manager can ask follow-up questions or redirect the interview toward other topics. You might start your answer with, "I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for five years and first developed an interest in the field because my grandfather is a pharmacist." Or, "I got my Pharm. D. license two years ago and enjoy helping doctors treat and address patient illnesses."

Recent Experiences

Because you don't have time to give a complete historical overview of your experiences in the industry, focus on your most recent job. You might say, "I chose to get into the pharmaceutical industry because I enjoy both the medical side and the customer service side of the job. My recent experiences as a pharmacy technician allowed me to interact with patients on a daily basis, while ensuring that prescriptions were properly filled." You want the hiring manager to see you as a well-rounded worker who takes the responsibilities of the job seriously.

Future Goals

Career consultant Alison Green suggests answering the interview question with a forward-looking answer if you're new to the industry and are seeking an entry-level job, according to her article in U.S. News and World Report. You might say, "I've always wanted to work in the pharmaceutical industry because I think medical advancements and innovative medications are vital to the future of health care." Or, "I'm excited to put my education to work by preparing prescriptions to help patients overcome their illnesses."

Career Highlights

Focus on career highlights and accomplishments that reveal your work-related strengths. Use a story or a specific illustration to support your answer so your individual experiences separate you from the crowd. You might say, "I always triple-check prescriptions before dispensing them to ensure their accuracy. I have always been described as detail-oriented and friendly, so I often get the employee-of-the-month award for excellent customer service." You might also mention that clients or patients ask for you by name when they come to the pharmacy.

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