How to Answer a Job on Craigslist

by Wendy Lau

Job opportunities are posted online every day on Craigslist, but not all job postings are legitimate. Read over what information is requested and take caution to not respond to ads that request your Social Security number, bank account information or payment upfront. There is no reason to provide such information to apply for a job. However, there is basic information you can provide when answering a job on Craigslist without sacrificing your security.

Contact Information

Job postings on Craigslist may allow you to respond through an email address or by clicking on a URL that directs you to a website to apply. If you are uncertain about the employer's legitimacy, limit the contact information you offer. For example, you might provide only your email address. If you would like to add a phone number, consider using a number you can obtain free from Google Voice or a Skype number so you are not giving away your personal mobile number or home number.

Work Experience

If you want to offer information on your experience without listing specific employers, simply describe your years of experience in the field and type of work you did without giving out names. Also, state that you would like to learn more about the job opportunity and the employer, and would be glad to furnish a copy of your resume at that point. If the employer is truly interested, he will respond with further information. Determine at that point if it's appropriate to share a copy of your resume.


List skills you have that are appropriate to the job posting on Craigslist. For example, you might include specific technical skills and knowledge of software programs, and then provide a brief description of how those skills relate to the job listing. Providing such information can help an employer pinpoint whether you are a candidate with the experience and knowledge it needs. You do not sacrifice your personal security by offering such information.


Job posting scams on Craigslist are not always obvious, but there are a few things you can look for. For example, if the job posting does not include the employer's name, website or contact details aside from an encrypted email address, these are signs you shouldn't apply to a job. Always use caution when responding to job listings that don't provide standard employer information.

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