What to Answer to HR for "What Do You Expect From Your Next Job?"

by Gina Scott

Interviews can feel like they are filled with loaded questions. Having HR ask what you expect from your next job can be one of those questions. Balancing your answer between what you demand from yourself and what you expect from the company is a good strategy. Think about the goals you have for this job along with what contributing qualities you bring to the table, when answering a question about job expectations.

Distribution of Responsibilities

Employers are aware of issues around work/life balance. Company leaders encourage their employees to take adequate time off to recharge so that they come back refreshed and with new ideas. One way to accomplish this harmony is to have a fair distribution of responsibilities among the employees of an organization. Answering the question of job expectations with a focus on the importance of balancing work and life responsibilities shows that you are aware of healthy boundaries.

Room to Grow

An answer you can provide to the question about job expectations is that you're looking for the ability to grow in your position. Giving this answer not only shows motivation but that you also hope to grow with the company. Organizations invest considerable money in training employees and getting them up to speed on their processes. If you answer this question in a way that shows you're looking to be with the company for a long time, it may cause you to stand out and be more appealing.

Open Communication

One area you can address when answering expectation questions is to talk about office communication. Daily interaction is necessary within the company for everyone to be on board with how to get tasks successfully accomplished. At times, employees can get frustrated with management and team members when communication falls flat. Show that you are aware of these kinds of issues and answer that you expect to have clear and open dialogue among team members and management. You will demonstrate a maturity level and an awareness of common human frailty that causes issues in getting goals accomplished.

Hard Work

Finally, a good way to answer a question about expectations that shows personal responsibility is to say that you expect to work hard in your new position. Explain that you anticipate it to be challenging and rewarding at the same time. You could go on to say that as with anything in life, you realize it won't be 100 percent satisfying all the time -- rather, you expect to give your best every day and you look for others to do the same. Answering the question in this way shows that you'll also hold others accountable for their actions.

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