Alumni Council Job Description

by Laura Woods
An alumni council member works to make her alma mater a good place to attend school.

An alumni council member works to make her alma mater a good place to attend school.

Your college years are a fun-filled collection of nostalgic memories, thanks to your alma mater. If you want to give back to your college or university, serving on the alumni council is a way to show your school pride. Not only will you have the opportunity to make the school a better place for current and future students; you’ll be able to connect with fellow alumni who share your enthusiasm for the institution, wanting to make a mark on the place that gives students so much.

Skill Set

Alumni council members have a wide range of skills, so wherever your strengths lie, you can put them to work. Members often serve as chairs of various alumni association committees, covering topics such as admissions, career services, young alumni, regional chapters, undergraduate relations, international alumni, special events and affinity groups. To be in charge of a committee, you must be very creative, be committed to the cause, have strong leadership skills and be an effective communicator.

Primary Responsibilities

As an alumni council member, you’ll promote the school in the community. You’ll help the alumni organization raise money and plan events that benefit current students and alumni. This can include bringing professionals in to speak to current students and planning alumni social events. You’ll also work with the staff of the college or university, offering help and support.

Secondary Duties

You have to attend a minimum number of meetings and events per year as an alumni council member. If you’re unable to meet these requirements, you may lose your spot to a fellow alum. You’ll also likely have to make at least one monetary donation to the university per year. Some universities set a minimum donation amount for alumni council members, while others allow you to contribute what you can.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements for alumni council positions vary, but you typically must be a member of the university’s alumni association. Fellow members of the alumni association usually nominate council members for the position, and final selections come in an election. If you’d like to serve on the alumni council, increase your chances for nomination by telling your peers. Be prepared to promote yourself as a qualified candidate, discussing ways you’d be an asset to the council. Most universities have limits on the length and number of terms council members can serve, which vary according to each school.


An alumni council position is typically an unpaid volunteer opportunity. While you won't receive monetary compensation for your work, you will have the opportunity to attend exclusive events, meet like-minded individuals and make a difference in the university community.

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