How to Advocate for Yourself With Your Boss

by Wendy Lau
Succeeding at work also means advocating for yourself.

Succeeding at work also means advocating for yourself.

A large part of achieving success at work is knowing how to advocate for "you." While it always helps to have others talking you up with your boss, do not solely depend on them. There are approaches you can take for yourself that help you shine.


Build confidence in yourself to advocate for you. This will give you the courage to speak out and discuss your achievements, skills and expertise with your boss. Keep an inventory of successes achieved, and honestly appraise yourself on what you do well. These are areas you can highlight to your boss the next time there's a project that comes around and you want to be the one to take the lead on it.


Fearing to ask can hold you back from success. Asking is all part of negotiating and helping you get to higher targets. Even if you've asked for something before and faced rejection, don't be afraid to ask again. You need to take "no" as "not yet," according to advice provided by CBS MoneyWatch on getting what you want at work.


Know what your priorities are at work and make sure they are in agreement with those of your boss. When you set your mind to focus on specific assigned tasks, what you achieve in the end will be more in line with what your boss is also seeking to achieve. It will help your boss see that you're thinking alike.

Keeping Promises

Achieving success at work is also about keeping your promises. Your boss needs to know you are someone who is reliable. There's no easier way to advocate for yourself to your boss than showing you can consistently produce solid results and keep your word. Whether it means meeting deadlines or following through on items you say you will, it’s all part of advocating for yourself to your boss.

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