The Advantages of a Multicultural Labor Force

by Rose Johnson

A multicultural labor force speaks to the diversity of cultures and races within an organization. A multicultural labor force comes with a variety of challenges, such as language barriers and resistance to change. Although organizations are often challenged, the benefits of a multicultural labor force within an organization are great. Managers who understand the advantages of a diverse work force and implement the necessary policies and procedures to ensure that cultural differences are respected and valued, give their companies advantages in the marketplace.

Better Talent Pool

Hiring top talent is a critical component of running an organization with employees who are innovative, efficient and productive. Companies stand a better chance of hiring top talent by considering candidates from a wide field of cultural backgrounds. A homogenous workplace can cause an organization to become stagnant because everyone comes from a similar background and typically approaches situations in a similar manner. A multicultural labor force brings skill sets that encompass a wider range of ideas and solutions.

Increase in Creativity

Multicultural diversity can be a catalyst for an increase in creativity and productivity within an organization. The way an individual approaches business is often a direct reflection of his cultural background, experience and qualifications. When individuals offer varying viewpoints, companies benefit from an environment that nurtures ideas and experiences. An organization that promotes cultural creativity inspires its employees to perform at a high level. The result is a company that is productive and efficient, which directly affects the organization’s profitability.

Broader Range of Services

Organizations that hire individuals from different cultural backgrounds often find themselves able to offer a broader range of services to their customers. For example, a United States business that hires Chinese workers fluent in Mandarin is able to offer customer service to customers living in China who are not fluent in English. DIverse employees also bring with them a cultural understanding. As a result, organizations are able to delve into the needs and desires of international customers and offer products and services that cater specifically to them.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Another advantage of a multicultural labor force within a company is a reduction in employee turnover compared to a business that promotes an inclusive labor force. Companies with high turnover rates spend money to train new candidates, which reduces that company's profits. Having a multicultural labor force can lower costs related to employee turnover.

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