How to Find Address From Telephone Number

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Have you ever wanted to locate a business but only had their telephone number? Have you ever wanted to know where someone lived, but only had their telephone number. Now you can be IN THE KNOW!

Do a search on the web for White pages. If you are applying for a job and want to know who or what kind of company is behind the classified ad, this is a perfect place to start. One can search on businesses, zip codes, and people. There is even an international search.

Go to Locate the tab that says "Reverse Phone". There is a lot of information available on this website. This only works for land line phone listings. But most businesses have land line phones.

Type in the number beginning with the area code first.Voila! The Address you are looking for appears magically! I even had the people's ages pop up!

Items you will need

  • Access to a computer


  • One can find phone numbers with just an address also.
  • Area codes and Zip Codes are available--all from this wonderful site


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