Activities for Teaching Teens How to Dress

by Sheryl Faber

Appearance is important to teens. Fitting in with classmates, matching clothing with shoes and accessories, expressing individuality and wearing the right outfit for that special occasion are all part of the high-school image scene. For a teen who is unsure of how to dress, there are effective strategies and suggestions to significantly increase their fashion savvy.

Books and Magazines

Teen magazines are filled with suggestions of how to put clothing together for maximum attractiveness. Advertisements will feature all the up-and-coming trends. Encourage your teen to review these articles and ads for fresh ideas. Suggest that she cut out fashions that appeal to her and adhere them to a poster board to remind her of the look she is attempting to achieve. Steer your teen away from cheap and tawdry styles, but keep an open mind when she is attempting to express her individuality through styles which may not fit in with your own tastes and recommendations.

Modeling Classes

A modeling class may assist a teen in discovering styles that work well on her figure type. It will give her confidence and pride -- sometimes, just the way a teen carries herself will make a difference in how her own clothing fits on her. In these classes, she will have an opportunity to learn how to add makeup and hairstyles that will accentuate her wardrobe and give her even more self-confidence and fashion sense.

Style Shows

Attending teen style shows will assist teens in discovering new and different methods of dressing and adding appropriate accessories. Innovative ways of mixing and matching wardrobe pieces, matching shoes to the many different outfits and getting updates on new and unique trends are all benefits of attending style shows. Often, discounts are available to attendees of these fashion events. Stores may also enlist the help of local teens to help model their new clothing lines.

Shopping Trips

The simple act of shopping with friends or family members can be an adventure into the fashion world. For a fresh outlook, ask your co-shoppers to choose clothing for you that they feel would match your style and fit your budget. You may be pleasantly surprised by the new and exciting ensembles they will create just for you. Sales people can be extremely accommodating also but are limited as to their effectiveness as they do not know your personality and tastes in clothing.


Sometimes, just the addition of jewelry, scarves, bags and belts to an existing wardrobe will make a teen's appearance pop. It is also a fantastic method of individualizing a personal look -- for example, a teen's trademark may be the hats she adds to her everyday ensembles or the brightly colored scarves she wears with matching tops and dresses.

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